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Athlon playingWelcome to French Bulldog World!  
 The site has been well modified and we even changed the domain name as was not specific enough. With there is no  confusion possible with the English and American bulldog breeds..

 We have added a few articles:
_ Biting and chewing
_ Choosing a good kibble 
_ Crate training
_ Jumping up
_ Raising your Frenchie puppy to be the dog you want

If you are into Boxer dogs, you might want to visit Boxer World at showcases the wonderful attributes of our friend the French bulldog. At Frenchbulldogworld we understand the need and desire to share with the world all the fabulous anecdotes that are waiting to be told about this wonderful creature - The French bulldog. is pleased to be able to offer the Frenchbulldogworld Forums in order to assist in its function as education arena and story tellers delight. Frenchie stories that is!

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